Social, Moral, Spritual and Cultural Opportunities

We use the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE. We aim to develop respect for others, their beliefs and values as well as encouraging children to be able to answer a series of questions about Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.

As a Church of England Controlled School, the Church is represented on the Governing Body by two foundation governors. We have daily worship which concentrates on the religious, social and moral welfare of the children and is linked to our termly value. Close contact is kept with St. Peter’s, our parish Church where we regular services are held. The Vicar comes into school to visit the children and staff weekly. Children are invited to attend other parish services and participate in events linked to the church.

Parents are welcome to attend the weekly “Open the Book” assembly, held in school, where the children participate in bringing bible stories to life as well as class assemblies which are held throughout the year. Our annual Christingle Service takes place in the Church, and we are participating in the Leavers’ Service in June at Gloucester Cathedral.

Throughout all of our curriculum we provide opportunities to educate and reinforce these skills ensuring that children learn lifelong skills.

Should any parents wish to withdraw their child from our worship or church services on religious grounds they are invited to consult with the Headteacher who will discuss the alternative provision.