SEND and More Able and Talented

Parents with anxieties about their children’s development – education, physical, social, behavioural – are encouraged to discuss these with the Head Teacher.

Teachers differentiate work within the classroom to cater for children from the very able to children who require extra support. Consequently most situations can be catered for within the school.  If your child has special educational needs, which are likely to require provision above and beyond those available in this school, the Head Teacher has a responsibility to draw the child’s needs to be the attention of the LA. The school has a Policy for SEN, which details the formal procedures. It outlines what is necessary to secure additional provision for such children.

The Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs states that we must formalise the provision we make in school – children identified as needing extra support are on the school’s SEN register and parents are informed. Each of the children identified has a MyPlan (Myplan+ or EHCP) and this is discussed with parents before finalising the provision that is needed to suit the needs of the individual child. We also have a register for talented and gifted pupils.

Parents are always consulted before members of any outside agencies are brought in to help a child.