Music Lessons

The influence of music on our well-being is profound. Music is reported to be one of the most powerful means for inducing powerful positive emotions with its influence staying strong irrespective of culture and across time. Neurologically, listening to enjoyable music has been found to stimulate the release of dopamine in an evolutionarily ancient part of the brain, the striatum.

With Psychological well-being and mental health being so high on the agenda, one way that we aim to support these areas is to participate in music.  We subscribe to the acclaimed Charanga which provides resources and ideas for specialist and non-specialist music teachers.

Within these lessons, children enjoy singing and playing a variety of percussion instruments.

In addition to this, music plays a regular part in our daily assembly. Children listen to a variety of styles of music, including music from other cultures

There are opportunities to learn other instruments, such as the guitar and violin with tuition and instruments being provided by Gloucestershire Music Service. Music also plays a prominent part in our church services and in our Christian festivals. Private music tuition is charged for and payments need to be made prior to the lesson, as outlined in our Charging and Remissions Policy.