At Clearwell we are passionate about reading, so much so that we have our own library as well as book corners in our classrooms. We have invested in lots of new books including reading scheme ones, Pie Corbett’s recommended reads and a whole host of books that children should read before they leave Primary School according to the Association for the Teaching of English.  The reading scheme that we follow is ‘The Oxford Reading Tree’.  Children and parents have free access to Owford Owl for digital books. In addition to this children are read to as well as being expected to read to us and books are integral to the delivery of writing.  Teachers use aspects of Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing and the Power of Reading to inspire children.

All of us together on World Book Day


We encourage parents to take part in their children’s reading activities at home.  This support is invaluable and, if parents are able to make positive statements about reading by showing interest, giving quality time to their children and acknowledging the value of reading themselves, then those children are far more likely to succeed.  We have a tickled pink scheme where children are rewarded for reading three or more times a week. We issue Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for children who meet the criteria.  For children who achieve the Gold award will be in the draw for a book voucher at the end of the academic year.


Oracy in our school is as important as written language.  We believe that if a child can speak it then they can write it.  There is a significant amount of research supporting this which is why we have made communicating effectively and developing skills for life at the core of our curriculum..  Reception children will follow a programme that we have been involved in with Pie Corbett leading the training. It is called ‘Talk for talks sake’.  Then throughout school we will build on these skills so that our children have the vocabulary and confidence to have conversations with anyone.  Something that the Independent sector of education have been focusing on for years and has often given these children the edge in the jobs market – not any more!


Children are taught all aspects of the National Curriculum, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening, phonics and spelling, grammar and handwriting.  We use cursive handwriting from reception and have invested in Letterjoin so that children can practise on mobile devices as well in class.  All of our worksheets use this font as does our prospectus if you are wondering!