Vision and Aims


At Clearwell Primary School we work hard to create a positive atmosphere where the children feel happy and secure.  We realise that if children are to develop and learn they need a stimulating environment in which they feel valued and comfortable.

We consider that the role of the school is to offer the children learning opportunities from a broad, balanced curriculum. We have recently spent time designing our curriculum into one where we encourage our children to be adventurous and creative. We want them to contribute to communities and to uphold Christian values in everyday life whilst ensuring all of the skills and knowledge of the National Curriculum are covered.

We will do this through our curriculum by giving them the opportunities to:

  • experience adventures
  • open up their creativity
  • develop skills for life
  • communicate confidently

Willow class children designed icons for skills that they will demonstrate when learning, these included: Independence, Creativity, Being Adventurous, Collaborating and showing Christian values.  They wanted to have Mythical Creatures as the theme.

An overview of Clearwell’s School Development Plan: 2017-20