Catherine Stirrup is our SENCO as well as our Year 3/4 teacher.


Telephone: 01594 834904

At Clearwell we do our best to ensure that all of our children feel safe and have the opportunity to learn.  All children have needs which we do our absolute best to meet, whether these are educational, physical, social or behavioural.  As a small school we know the children as individuals which means that we can tailor learning and support to meet these needs.  As a parent and carer, if you are concerned about your child’s development then please speak to us and we will work together to support them.

Within the classroom, teachers differentiate work to ensure that all children can access the learning but are also challenged.  As teaching is carried out in mixed age year groups means that our teachers are very familiar of the whole learning journey of a child from Reception through to year 6. This makes differentiation normal practice whether it be in terms of questioning, outcome, task or through scaffolding to achieve.  Not putting a ceiling what a child can achieve can make all the difference to the self-esteem, progress and attainment of an individual.

If your child has special educational needs which are likely to require provision above and beyond those available in this school then the SENCO (Catherine Stirrup) will liaise with professionals from the Local Authority to secure the support needed.   Parents are always consulted before members of any outside agencies are brought in to work with a child.  These could include Early Help, Advisory teachers and the Educational Psychologist.

As outlined in the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs, we formalise the provision we make in school. Children identified as needing extra support are on the school’s SEN register and parents are informed. Any child identified has needing a MyPlan, Myplan+ or EHCP will be discussed with parents before finalising the provision that is needed to suit their needs.