COVID-19 related information

We have a duty of care to our families now probably more than every before. To support and inform you about practice in school, please find key documents and website links on this page.

Here are some of the things that we have been doing whilst learning at home –  Clearwell’s Corona Newspaper

Here is our full return to school plan for September 2020, a shortened version has been sent to parents. September 2020 Full return to school plan – Clearwell V2

DFE Guidance – regularly updated

We are required to identify what our COVID catch up fund has been/will be spent on. Please find this information on the following document:

Lots of information has been written and produced to support families at this time with issues linked to the Corona Virus including bereavement, testing and returning to school. Barry Carpenter has worked with an illustrator to create wordless books to assist conversations with children about difficult subjects linked to the virus. The books are free to download and use.

Happiness Boxes

Happiness boxes are a strategy being used to support children who are anxious about being in school at this time. Whilst we cannot have lots of soft toys in school, we are happy for children to have a happiness box that is kept and stored away in school until a time they become anxious and would like to take a look at it to enable them to self-regulate and become happy. Here is the rationale and guidance surrounding them.

Home Learning Support

Useful websites that we will directing children to should they need to self-isolate.

Teachers will direct you to the appropriate lesson through a link that will be sent to you, usually through Class dojo Messages.

Please select “My Class login” and log in using the Username and Password provided by school. Please do not share this as we only pay for enough for our children. Thank you.

For individual sounds, we have found Mr Thorne’s Youtube channel to be very informative. It is not RWI but a generic phonics lesson. You will be informed which sound your child would be learning.

RWI do have some sounds on their YouTube channel. They are not all on there but we do have further information about phonics on our “Phonics support” Page on the “Parents” tab of our website.

Guidance for Microsoft Teams