Head’s Blog – 17th March

Lots of exciting learning taking place this week in school. We have also been carrying out some assessments with children’s reading. If you ask any child in our school they know that assessments are there to show us what they know and what the teachers need to teach still. We love this ethos as it shows children that assessments are not to be feared but instead a time to celebrate and use for planning. Over the last couple of weeks Mrs Williams has been using YARC (a standardised National Test) to review reading progress. It assesses accuracy, reading rate and comprehension. We were absolutely blown away with the progress made by children. This shows that the fluency practice that we do daily in class, along with the comprehension activities are all working. The biggest improvement in children’s “reading ages” is when they read regularly (and the converse when they don’t read regularly). Mrs Knight takes some children individually and listens to them every day as part of our reading offer. She is incredible and has worked wonders with the confidence and the ability of them. Thank you Mrs Knight, you have gone over and above what we asked you to do in your remit as a Reading Partner.

You will start to notice a different style in the weekly blog as classes are making their own contributions, so not all of the information is coming from me now. I am not losing it by using the incorrect pronouns!

There is a new display up showing the incredible observational drawing from Years 1 and 2.

This week in Oak Class we have been using our 3D Art Sculpture lessons to make tulips for our Mother’s Day cards.  We looked at the bulbs we planted earlier in the year and were so please with how they have grown.  We made them into special gifts for our mums.

Every day Mrs Thomas provides us with a lovely selection of fruit and vegetables for our morning snack. It always looks and tastes delicious – thank you Mrs Thomas!

At Clearwell we like to see ourselves as writers, using a short video clip as stimulus year 3 and 4 have written narratives using the title The Lighthouse. They have all written fantastic stories budding authors in the making. 

We have also been busy dissecting flowers to learn about functions of plants, we love a practical science lesson where we use our working scientifically skills. 

They have also been busy preparing for their violin concert which year 3 and 4 parents are welcome to attend , concert will begin at 11.40.  They sound superb ! 

It has also been Comic relief today and we have talked about what it means to be a Courageous Advocates. All of KS2 wrote their reasons for making a donation and wearing something that makes them smile. Maci announced the winner of the “Guess how many sweets in the jar” competition – Mrs Williams was very happy! This competition raised an extra £30 toward Maci’s charity work for endangered animals.

Our Celebrations

Maci in year 3 was a Top Learner for her swimming.