Head’s Blog – 13th January 2023

Early years and KS1 have had their learning environments revitalised over the Christmas period; you can see that the children are loving them!

The whole of KS2 are on their first big adventure of 2023 and we are only on week two! After weeks of practising the Young Voices the children are on their way to Birmingham to perform with thousands of other children from around the country. Thank you to Mrs Stirrup and Olivia (Wye Valley Music) for preparing them for this incredible experience. Also to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Williams, Mrs McKelvey and Olivia for taking them today. This experience encapsulates our vision in terms of having an adventure but also encouraging children to keep learning and be creative. Music enables both of these things to happen. I cannot wait to see the photographs and watch the videos. I will share some of these photographs next week.

We are in the process of planning our next adventure, which will take place in March, is to Bristol. The whole school will be going to Bristol but to different places. EYFS and KS1 are going to the Bristol Suspension and the Brunel museum as KS1 are looking at Brunel as their significant figure. Years 3 and 4 are going to focus on the Egyptians at the Bristol Museum and Years 5 and 6 are going to the M Shed to learn about Migration and hopefully an art workshop. We have designed our curriculum so that we are able to co-ordinate our adventures to keep the cost of transport down as well as the progression that we want children to make.

Our Celebrations

Bailey was a Christi-Angel for supporting younger children when they needed a helping hand emotionally.