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Head’s Blog – 26th January

Reception children have been continuing their learning about animals and also lots of key skills to aid their development. One of which being making bracelets and necklaces, which supports their fine motor skills which will build finger strength which will help them with their writing. All of this and they end up with a beautiful adornment!

Years 2 to 6 have been swimming this week. The progress that children make so quickly is incredible, with many children learning to swim for the first time with school. This is what makes it so important that we continue to take children swimming, even though we have had to adapt our pattern to fortnightly hour long lessons, instead of weekly 30 minute lessons. The cost of transport has made this change necessary but fortunately we have been able to adapt without having a negative impact on the learning experience.

KS1 have been creating a winter dance to Vivaldi’s “Winter” from the Four Seasons. This exposes them to a different type of music to what they might ordinarily listen too as well as give them the opportunity to express themselves in a physical form. In Science they have learnt about different types of garden flowers and then had the opportunity to draw their own interpretation of a beautiful flower garden. The outcomes are fabulous.

It has been a Non-Chronological report focus in KS1 and LKS2. KS1 have been learning about The Gambia and years 3 and 4 have been writing about Pugs. What I find particularly impressive is for the year 3 and 4 children shown below English is their second language. They have only been living in England for one or two years, respectively. This progress is simply phenomenal as they couldn’t speak English when they came. I am in awe of these children.

Years 5 and 6 have been investigating magnetism in science this week. Our intent is for science to be as hands on as possible, whilst ensuring that the key learning is central to the activity.

Our key focus for PE, other than swimming, has been dance this term. In KS2 they have tried a range of styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop and today line dancing. The hope is, is that we inspire children to find a style that they love and take it up outside of school.

Next week is Bikeability for a number of our UKS2, please can parents ensure that they have returned the forms and that the bikes are in good working order. Helmets must be worn. Thank you.

Our Celebrations

We listened to Betty read her poem, about Spring, which was inspired by Welly Walk and some wonderful arts and crafts.

Head’s Blog – 20th January 2023

As promised here are a small selection of the photographs taken at Young Voices on Friday night. They had the most spectacular time, where the adults reported the children’s faces being lit up with excitement. For many of our children it was their first experience of attending a big venue like the The Resorts World Arena; being part of the show made it even more special. At Clearwell, our vision is well and truly living and breathing as this adventure of a lifetime shows. Many famous performers have been part of the choir at YV and who knows maybe one of our children could follow a similar path. We tell our children that they can be anything that they want to be and never quash their dreams.

As always, there have been lots of exciting learning opportunities this week. Reception children have been learning about camouflage, predators and prey as well as construction. KS1 have been learning the dragon dance as it is Chinese New Year. Years 3 & 4 have been been practising their violin playing, courtesy of Gloucester Music who come in every week. Years 5 & 6 have been planning and carrying out an investigation relating to insulation and the impact of different materials.

In staff news, Miss Warr has decided that she will not be returning to Clearwell after her maternity leave. We would like to thank her for the impact she had on the learning of our pupils at Clearwell, especially during Lockdown when she went over and above her job description. We wish her well with her family and best wishes for her upcoming nuptials.

As you will know, Mrs Ridgway has been covering in Reception and we are extremely lucky that she has loved our school so much she wants to stay! We are delighted as she is an exceptional practitioner and brings so much expertise to our school.

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 13th January 2023

Early years and KS1 have had their learning environments revitalised over the Christmas period; you can see that the children are loving them!

The whole of KS2 are on their first big adventure of 2023 and we are only on week two! After weeks of practising the Young Voices the children are on their way to Birmingham to perform with thousands of other children from around the country. Thank you to Mrs Stirrup and Olivia (Wye Valley Music) for preparing them for this incredible experience. Also to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Williams, Mrs McKelvey and Olivia for taking them today. This experience encapsulates our vision in terms of having an adventure but also encouraging children to keep learning and be creative. Music enables both of these things to happen. I cannot wait to see the photographs and watch the videos. I will share some of these photographs next week.

We are in the process of planning our next adventure, which will take place in March, is to Bristol. The whole school will be going to Bristol but to different places. EYFS and KS1 are going to the Bristol Suspension and the Brunel museum as KS1 are looking at Brunel as their significant figure. Years 3 and 4 are going to focus on the Egyptians at the Bristol Museum and Years 5 and 6 are going to the M Shed to learn about Migration and hopefully an art workshop. We have designed our curriculum so that we are able to co-ordinate our adventures to keep the cost of transport down as well as the progression that we want children to make.

Our Celebrations

Bailey was a Christi-Angel for supporting younger children when they needed a helping hand emotionally.

Head’s Blog – 6th January 2023

After a rather early start back to school, we have already finished our first week back. I have to say, it has whizzed by. We have talked today about it being Epiphany as well as the 12th day of Christmas. Whilst Christmas seems like a lifetime ago already, we hope that you all had a lovely time with your families and friends. We know that there has been a lot of illness over the holidays and some families are experiencing illness into the new year. Hopefully as the year progresses our immune systems will start to build back up again.

Before Christmas Oak class were experimenting with paint to mix colours. They looked at artwork by Jasper Johns called “Numbers in Colour” and then did their own interpretations. I am sure that you will agree the outcomes are superb.

Next week all of KS2 are going to Young Voices in Birmingham. This is an incredible experience which is why, for the first year, all of KS2 are attending. We appreciate the cost of the official t-shirts is a lot, so we thought that we would make our own versions! Today, all of the children printed our own version of the YV logo onto a t-shirt. One of our parents, Georgie, is a professional screen printer and artist and kindly mixed us the right colour in and came in and worked with the children. We cannot thank her enough for her time and resources. The outcomes are great because they are all unique, just like us!

Our Celebrations

Maci was our Christi-Angel.