Head’s Blog – 9th December 2022

Christmas has well and truly arrived at Clearwell. Our first adventure was to the castle for our annual singing to members of the community as well as have a party and meet Father Christmas. This year, Coleford Fire Brigade provided the transport for Father Christmas in their Billy Float. Thank you so much. As you can see from the photographs, the children were so excited, especially with the “snow”. I wonder if we will get the real thing this weekend?!

Thank you Father Christmas, Matt and Kat

We have started making the items for our Christmas Bazaar that will be taking place on Wednesday 14th December. The itinerary is as follows:

1:15 Oak class perform the Nativity in the Memorial Hall, all parents welcome

1:45 Refreshments and children’s craft sale at the church. Raffle tickets for sale.

2:15 KS2 Christmas performance and carols, leading straight onto our candle-lit Christingle, all welcome including members of our community. We will draw the raffle and give out the prizes. Children will be free to go home after this is all completed.

Here are a selection of images from the week of being creative, parents will be able to make a donation in exchange for the items. They will all be labelled so you know which item belongs to which child!

It was our Christmas dinner and annual visit to Clearwell Caves today. Mrs Thomas, Mrs Knight and Mrs Edey have done a fabulous job preparing, cooking and serving us. We absolutely loved our food and are all really grateful for the work that they put in today and everyday. Children never go home hungry from Clearwell!

We will be singing carols at Clearwell’s Christmas Fayre in the village hall on Saturday at 2:00 pm if you would like to come along.

Years 3 and 4 have been out and about having an adventure in Clearwell conducting their Geography field work where they were look at physical and man-made features within our local community. Being out and about brings everything to life, more so than a book, that is why we like having adventures!

Our Celebrations

We have lots of celebrations this week as we did our end of term awards and rewards. Children were able to spend their dojos which they have earned for reading and other good learning behaviours. In addition to this, all children who have over 97% attendance went into a prize draw for cinema tickets and the lucky winner was Reggie; his brother was happy!

Head’s Award – Macey, Christi Angel – Freya, Top Learner (English) – Macey

These children have all received Developing who we are badges this week. They are truly being inspired to take responsibility for their own learning and character development. One girl played her tenor horn to us in Worship, she will get her badge next week!