Head’s Blog – 2nd December 2022

Despite the weather outside being freezing and foggy, we have been having a wonderful time in school. Reception children have been reading the Gingerbread man and have completed a host of activities surrounding this. It culminated in them baking Gingerbread men to take home. Mrs Ridgway was too engrossed to take photographs during the process but she took some of the finished products, thank you. There is also a sample of their writing where they have been using Fred talk to write CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. I am so impressed with the outcomes.

I love Fridays at Clearwell and not because it is nearly the weekend! It is the day that we celebrate the successes from the week with just a couple of children from each class highlighted (to be honest we struggle to pick one as there are always so many to choose from!); also because children get to share things that they are proud of. A bit like a whole school show and tell. Today, Amelia shared her trophies from Baton Twirling and a number of other children shared things that they created having been inspired by their learning in school. Oak class have been learning about poetry this week and two of the children performed their poems that they have written at home. I will translate them as they have been written by a Y2, completely independent. I wish I had recorded them performing them.

Matilda: I put my hand on the sky, feel the rhythm of the cloud. I put my hand on the bridge, feel the rhythm of the train. I put my hand on the window, feel the rhythm of the rain. I put my hand on the petal feel the rhythm of the plant.

Francesco: Yesterday I saw a dark, dark figure. A dark, dark figure it was. It turned out it wasn’t there.

We also had a few children showing off other creative things, including a home for a penguin. This project was a collaboration!

We use our iPads a lot in school for a whole range of activities, one being Stop Frame Animation. One of our Y6 children asked his dad to help him make some stands for them after I said that they would be useful. We love the outcomes. A huge thank you to our Y6 and his dad, Richard.

Some of the stands for our iPads.

Our Celebrations

Christi-Angels: Maci and Roman. Top Learner: Florence – mathematician. Maci also received Developing who we are badges.