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Head’s Blog – 20th July

Head’s Blog – 20th July

I cannot quite believe that it is the end of another academic year! Never a dull moment and this week brought us the hottest temperatures ever in the UK and even though our school building is usually cool and cold in the winter, the classrooms reached 29 degrees! However, the children who were in still kept learning and being creative. Our KS2 pupils researched the Commonwealth Games and created posters. They were highly motivated as Mr Tomley had brought in a box of chocolates for the winners! Never had some of them focussed for so long on one activity.

As our year draws to a close, we say goodbye to Abby and Mr Tomley. Abby joined us as part of Kickstart scheme having completed her A-Levels last year. She has simply been incredible so we kept her for the entire year – we are going to be so lost without her. You can tell how good she is because she will be starting at University in September to secure her qualification to be paid as a teacher. In our eyes she is already a teacher as she has worked with and inspired so many of our children. Mr Tomley has led our PE this year and helped us to participate in many events, all of which the children have loved. He will hopefully come and run our Sports Day in September! We wish him well in his retirement.

Whilst Mrs Griffiths is staying with us to be part-time in Years 3 and 4, I must mention how brilliant she has been in our EYFS and KS1 class. She took over at the start of COVID, revolutionised the learning environment and works tirelessly to ensure that the pupils make progress. The attainment of the children show the impact that she has had on them all as individuals. Thank you and we are so glad you are still going to be around to support and inspire us all.

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