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Head’s Blog – 24th June 2022

Head’s Blog – 24th June 2022

What an incredible week we have had a Clearwell. We welcomed our new Reception children in on Tuesday morning and then their families joined us for our annual garden party in the afternoon. This garden party was special because it is the first one that we have been able to have since 2019 and we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with our community as well. The weather was absolutely glorious, possibly too hot, but this did not stop our families attending and our children performing. Years 5 and 6 shared their research about key events from 1950s until 2022, years 3 and 4 read a poem written by Mrs Williams and Oak class performed ’The Queen’s Knickers” and danced the Circassian Circle. There was also audience participation as the children selected a lucky someone to come and dance with them. The whole of Willow performed a medley of songs from each decade, accompanied by Olivia who has been supported with children along with Mrs Stirrup. They were spectacular. A huge thank you to the Wye Valley Music Association who provide the funds for Olivia to work with us. There were cakes galore and fabulous raffle prizes. A huge thank you to everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets – over £330 was raised. This goes into our school fund to support adventures and resources.

On Wednesday, Mrs Stirrup, Mrs Williams and Abby took all of years 3 and 4 to a cricket tournament at St. John’s in Cinderford. Both teams performed well and one team made it through to the final. They came second in the overall tournament, which is brilliant and we are really proud of them of them all for their sportsmanship as well as their ability to play cricket!

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Theo was Christi-Angel and Harry was Top Learner for improved presentation

Head’s Blog – 17th June 2022

Head’s Blog – 17th June 2022

We have have had a fabulous week this week with lots of adventures. The Year 6s got to attend a Leavers’ service for all of the Church of England schools in Gloucestershire. This was at Gloucester cathedral and is truly a spectacular building and lovely service. All of the children were given wooden crosses made from Olive trees that grew in Bethlehem. They are beautiful and unique, just like our children.

On Wednesday, a small group of children accompanied by Mrs McKelvey went on a 5 km walk through the woods which culminated in a ride of the steam train. Although it was hot and tiring, they had a lovely time.

Then on Thursday, a group of year 3 and 4 girls attended a cricket tournament in Newent. They had a fabulous time and did really well against year 5 and 6 girls. Thank you to Mrs Stirrup for taking and coaching them.

Mrs Thomas always works really hard to provide us with lovely meals. Once again, her kitchen has been awarded a Five Star rating for hygiene. Thank you!

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Head’ Blog – 10th June 2022

Head’s Blog – 10th June 2022

What an exciting week to return to school! Having the Women’s Tour of Britain pass right outside of our school caused a real furore – we absolutely loved the entire experience. The police were ”high-fiving” the children which made their day. One of the cyclists threw their bottle at the children as a souvenir which we will give all of the children an opportunity to win.

As part of our Well Being programme for all of our children, we had an external speaker in to work with all of the children. Key Stage One were learning how to be healthy and happy. They looked at the wheel of happiness and how important it is to talk, be creative and exercise. It is reassuring that these are also our curriculum drivers for our school. Below are a couple of overviews from pupils.

Today, I have learnt how cigarettes can effect your body. I enjoyed this session and a huge thanks to Alex for coming in and Gerald the Giraffe. I have also learned that after half an hour exercise can make your body happy. We also did some drama which was very fun.”

Theo, Year 5

”We talked about the body and a puppet called Sam wore a top. It is a virtual reality of the insides of our body like the heart and lungs and we had to do Gerald the Giraffe’s homework for him. He was at a talent show with Derek the Penguin. We played a little game where Alfie was the brain of the room and Daniela was was the hand and everyone else was a nerve and the brain send a signal to the hand to wave and to stop waving.

We also helped Kiki the Kangaroo stop Derek and Gerald from squabbling over who would take the last place in the talen show. We also learned about blood-cells and how they stop viruses from over-taking the body at the end and Alex got Gerald to sing the winning song at the talent show.

Tabs, Year 3 and Norah, Year 4

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