Head’s Blog – 6th May

Head’s Blog – 6th May

As promised I will share some memories from Young Voices last week. The children all loved the experience, my favourite quotation was that ”I want to do it all again!”. We not only got to sing in a choir of 6,002 children but watched Ruby Turner, Urban Strides, Beatbox Collective and Yolanda Brown. Watching these professionals perform is not only incredible but it is also inspiring. We are considering taking the whole of KS2 next year as it is such an incredible experience.

On Tuesday, I took a group of children to Ten Pin bowling at Barnwood. The aim of the event was for the children to work together as a team and to experience a different sort of sporting activity. The children had a wonderful time, learning new skills and becoming more and more independent in the application of these skills. The morning turned out to be very successful with Eevee achieving the highest scorer out of all of the teams there and Clearwell coming first place overall. The children were so excited even though they play ”who can have a photograph taken without smiling?”!

Being creative is one of our curriculum drivers and as music is a key factor of this, so we invest in Gloucestershire music coming in to do whole class tuition for our pupils. This term is the turn of our Reception and KS1 children to learn Samba. Whilst it was rather noisy, the children were learning all about pulse and how different instruments can be used. I love listening and watching the learning taking place.

Reception children have also started using their rekenreks this week, as have KS1. We have been selected to participate in the National Maths mastery approach. Subitising is part of the everyday language with these children!

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