Head’s Blog – 25th March

Head’s Blog – 25th March

This week we have made some memories which I sincerely hope children will remember for the rest of their lives. Mrs McBean invited us to help the Parish Council plant trees that they have in commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We talked about how amazing it is how long the Queen has been reigning our country and the changes she will have seen in her life time. James, the resident expert, explained to our children the best way to handle the samplings and what they need in order to flourish. After the event, I received an email; I am so proud that I wanted to share it on here.

A huge thank you to all the children of Clearwell school for helping to plant our little bit of the Queen’s green canopy to celebrate the platinum jubilee 

The children were great, very enthusiastic and asked lots of interesting questions. It was a pleasure to work alongside them all

Mrs McBean

We have also been privileged to be given 10 copies of a book by Andy Seed, called ”The Wildlife of the Forest” to go in our library. It is full of interesting information about our local wild life and habitats in our area. We are keen for our children to engage in their local environment. Over the next couple of weeks, Oak class will be carrying out a litter pick in the village.

The wildlife of the Forest is amazingly rich and varied, and so it has been quite a challenge to do it justice with this project. The aim was to create a book which brings alive local habitats and their fascinating plants and animals for children so that they come to understand and value the nature around them. The publication has hundreds of wonderful photos of Forest wildlife, many taken by local enthusiasts, plus high-quality illustrations and a bold, colourful design. I was particularly grateful for the detailed help I was given by experts in the Forest’s mammals, birds, reptiles, trees and more. They have helped make the book into something really special.

Andy Seed
Available from

An update on our fund raising for Comic Relief from last week. We raised £97! Wow, for a school of our size and in these really financially challenging times, we are really grateful for your support. It will all go directly to Comic Relief and for well deserving products, home and abroad.

Today, Oak class have had the most incredible adventure. They have joined a Live Stream from Antartica as part of our Oddizzi subscription. The children were captivated listening to scientists talk about life in Antartica and the importance of preserving this unique habitat.

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