Head’s Blog – 19th November 2021

Welly walk is an institution at Clearwell Primary School and the children think that they are just having a lovely time walking with their friends and playing in the meadow or park. However, what they do not realise is that they are learning lots of other knowledge and skills at the same time. This week they watched a time lapse video about the seasons in the year which then led to a discussion about what they are likely to see on welly walk. The children in Oak class were brilliant at making predictions about the natural world. Using Explorify they looked at three different leaves and were asked to say which one was the odd one out and why. There is no wrong answer as long as the children are able to formulate sentences to justify their decision. This fits in with our vision of children becoming confident communicators and our school development focus of oracy. Our favourite odd one out statements was that one leaf was see-through and the other two aren’t.

Thank you for the donations for Children in Need, we have raised over £75 which is brilliant for such a small school. Today, the children have all participated in Joe Wick’s online quiz and work out. KS2 have been code breakers to show off their times tables and maths skills whilst Oak have been being mindful. We have all talked about what the BBC charity does for those families and people that need their support and KS2 looked at the history of this wonderful charity.

Our Celebrations

Bailey was a Top Learner for his wonderful work, including his own recorded TV show about WW2.