Head’s Blog – 12th November

For the first time since March 2020 COVID has finally decided to infect a few children at our school. Fortunately there has only been one child who has been poorly (they are on the mend) and the rest are asymptomatic. We would never have detected these cases if we had not been carrying out daily lateral flow testing, so thank you for supporting us on this matter and helping to prevent the spread of the virus. As parents will know we have also re-introduced bubbles and other measures to help reduce infection rates. We are hoping that everyone stays safe.

On Thursday, we went to the cross in Clearwell, paid our respects to those who have lost their life so that we have the life that we have today. A few villagers and workmen joined in our Remembrance service which is wonderful. I am always so proud of our children as every single one of them were able to stand for the two minute silence and pay their respects. It is so emotional to see them behave in this manner.

We have had some staffing changes at Clearwell. We would like to welcome Mrs Wendy McKelvey to our team. She is a TA working as a 1:1 and within the class room. Miss Claire Cecil has left Clearwell school and we are advertising for a new Year 5 and 6 teacher.

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