Head’s Blog – 22nd October

Head’s Blog – 22nd October

Well we have survived another half term where COVID has become more and more prevalent in our local community but thankfully we have managed to avoid it having a drastic effect at our school. New guidance has been issued by the Local Authority today because of the high rate of cases locally. The main recommendation that impacts on our school is for children to take regular lateral flow tests as this can help to identify cases at an early stage. This could be twice weekly or daily if that person has been a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID. We need to help each other to stay safe as we approach the winter months and pray that there is not another lockdown going to happen. I don’t think anyone is keen to return to home learning! As far as attendance is concerned here is some further guidance which should help families know what to do:

  • Symptoms: Should anyone have symptoms (one or more of the main three – new continuous cough, loss/change in taste or smell or a temperature) with a negative LFT, you should call the school for advice before coming in. Students who are advised to remain at home should continue to do LFT tests and book a PCR test. Please advise the school as soon as possible of any positive result. Work will be available for students to continue with on Doodle and we can share additional learning.
  • Positive LFT: Students who test positive on a LFT should book a PCR test and remain at home until the PCR test result has been returned.  Please let the school know of both LFT and PCR test results as soon as possible. Work will be available for students to continue with on Doodle and other additional learning.
  • Positive PCR: Students should remain at home for the isolation period NHS Track and Trace have advised, plus any additional time should the symptoms still be present and are considered to still be contagious. Please advise the school of the result and any additional absence needed. Work will be available for students to continue with on Doodle and other additional learning, if they are well enough to work.
  • Positive LFT/PCR in the household: Students should continue to do LFTs daily and if negative should come into school.

The intention for our science at Clearwell is one that is practically based, this has been happening a lot over this term when pupils have been learning about light and sound at KS2. Here are a few images of the years 3 and 4 investigating the best material to create headphones.

As part of our encouraging creativity the children have also been making Roman shields, they had lots of fun and created some fabulous designs, as you can see.

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