Head’s Blog – 28th May 2021

Head’s Blog – 28th May 2021

Half term has arrived and the weather seems to be being kind to us. I hope that we see some sunshine over the next week so we can get such much needed vitamin D. This week on Welly Walk we had the joy of some sunshine as we visited the mesne in search of frog spawn in the pond as we have been learning about the lifecycle of a frog this week. We didn’t manage to see any but the children had lots of fun playing with their friends.

Art at Clearwell

Collage has been the art skill of choice this term. Oak class have been practising their skills and then creating their own representation of the Great Fire of London, whereas KS2 have been creating their own representation, using a range of collage techniques, of Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa. As you can see there have been some fabulous outcomes.

A visit from a concert pianist

Encouraging children to become a life-long learner is part of our vision, as is being creative. This week we have been very fortunate to attend a piano recital by Claire Hammond. This was funded by the Wye Valley Music in schools organisation.

Clare talked to us about études which are pieces of music designed to improve the  strength of the pianist’s hands and fingers. She started by telling us about Hélène de Montgeroult and stories about her life. This included how she used her music to prevent her being executed and became a professor of music at the Conservatoire of Paris. 

We talked about rhythm of one of her études and encouraged the children to visualise horses galloping through a storm. The children were entranced by Clare’s skills on the piano. 

Then we moved onto Unsuk Chin who is from South Korea but now lives in Berlin. Clare played a very complex étude where her fingers were dancing across the keyboard.   Through this music we learnt about tempo, rhythm and practised these by clapping and tapping using different beats.

We also listened to some Mozart and learned how he used the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” melody to compose a piece of music around the theme.  Next, we listened to a piece called Fairy Knoll which was composed by an American in 1920s. The children were asked to imagine that they were in a woodland at dusk, the sun was setting and an enchanted fairy is trying to capture them as they are within their fairy ring. This showed us all how music, like reading, can transport you to another world. 

Then finally Clare taught us about Sergei Rachmaninoff and how we had huge hands which meant that his pieces of music are quite challenging to play for people of normal stature.   There is lots of nostalgia in Rachmaninoff’s music as he had to leave Russia during the revolution in order for him to stay safe.

We had a fabulous morning and I hope that inspired many of our children to practise their instruments, especially the pianists amongst them. 

Science in Oak

Year 1 and 2 scientists have been very busy with their practical science, have a look at this document created my Mrs Griffiths.

Gymnastics and Swimming at last!

This term, as some sort of normality has returned, Oak class have been able to go to gymnastics and Willow class swimming. All of the children have made progress in one way or another and we are very proud of them.

Our Celebrations