Head’s Blog – 4th December 2020

Head’s Blog – 4th December

So we have arrived at Advent, the time of Hope and Peace in the Christian calendar. 2020 has been challenging for many people but there are also lots of people and families who have enjoyed the additional time that they have been able to spend with their families. Whatever has been thrown at us, we all seem to have just got on with it, your fabulous children included. However, many families within our wider community are experiencing financial hardship. If you are in a position to donate to our Reverse Advent calendar then please bring it into school over the next week. Thank you.

Winter has well and truly started as we could see and feel during welly walk. The meadow certainly feels a lot colder than school but this doesn’t stop the children investigating, climbing, playing and running around. They certainly have lots of fun and develop lots of different skills that are not possible to learn whilst sat in a classroom. We all love it!

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