Head’s Blog – 25th September 2020

The weeks are whizzing by and autumn is well and truly upon us. All of the children are doing so well with the new routines relating to entering and exciting classrooms, cleaning hands and keeping safe around school. I am really proud of them for just getting on with things. There are things that we are not able to do, such as singing as a whole school but we are managing to sing when we have less than 15 people in the classroom. I posted, on Seesaw, some of the wonderful singing by the children, they haven’t lost their skills!

Our focus on Welly Walk this week was mushrooms. We looked at a number of mushrooms and discussed how we should never pick a mushroom and eat it without having an expert adult know it is not poisonous. Some of the children are fascinated by the “ink” produced by some mushrooms that I picked from a field near my house. Unfortunately we were able to find lots of mushrooms growing on Welly Walk. We were able to build fairy houses because of course, fairies like mushrooms and toadstools to live under and in the absence of fungi they need somewhere to live.

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