Head’s Blog – 18th September 2020

This week has flown by and I have been fortunate to spend half of it teaching and working with KS1 and our new Reception children. They have all settled in so well and they are learning their sounds and a huge range of other skills too. It is lovely to hear their giggling, singing and experimenting with different instruments. The noise was quite incredible!

We have been blessed with beautiful weather especially for Welly Walk. This week our focus was on apples and appreciation of nature. First we walked up to look at an apple tree then headed to the meadow to lie and soak up the autumn sunshine. We lay in silence and listened, touched and smelt our environment. It was so calming and the children loved feeling different types of flora and fauna.

We are so lucky that Tudor Farmhouse gave us permission to visit their orchard and see where apples grow. We were in for a treat as we got to see their ducks as well. The children were all now desperate to eat an apple so we headed back to school, had an apple each and played in our beautiful garden before listening to a story. What an amazing way to spend a sunny afternoon!

Being a teacher is hard work, as I am sure many of you found out during Lockdown! So when people show their appreciation, whether that is a smile, a thank you or an “How are things going today?” It reminds us all of how grateful people are. What we don’t always realise is how influential we are. This week, one child loves their teacher so much they asked their mum and dad to create their own “Mrs Griffiths” to have at home. Now, all of the children want one! I have promised them a print out and to put Mrs Griffiths on a stick! I love this!

Mrs Griffiths

Our Celebrations

We headed to the church today for worship, no singing but we got to celebrate, socially distancing, our Top Learners and Christi Angels. It is getting so difficult to choose each week as learning and behaviour is so good in virtually every child at our school.