Head’s Blog – 4th September 2020

Welcome back! I finally return to my Head’s Blog after the hiatus caused but the strange situation we have found ourselves in this year. I still can’t get used to the new year groups that the children are in. This week has gone well, we have managed to sort out lots of hand washing and sanitising and the children are trying to get used to not touching others and sharing their belongings. It is weird for all of us. The morning drop offs have been great as we have a 15 minute slot for parents to drop their children off. Home time is more challenging as we have two small entrances. Our main playground gate is very busy. Please can parents refrain from standing near the barrier so we can escort the children out a family at a time. I recommend standing, socially distanced, on the opposite side of the road. Thank you for your support with this. It is challenging for everyone and we are doing our very best to keep everyone safe.

Our celebrations will return next week, we are trying to work out how to organise them without the whole school gathering together. Celebrating learning is so important to us and we know how much the children value these celebrations.

Our KS1 children have been doing some construction work and outdoor playing, below are a couple of photographs of them. Our new Receptions start next week. As always, if you have any queries or concerns please contact us.