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Head’s Blog – 28th February

We have had a lovely week this week, with the Reception and KS1 children loving their new learning environments. We still have lots of work to do in order to make them as good as we want but they are well on their way. Fabulous writing and creative play have been taking place. We love it as much as the children!

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Head’s Blog – 14th February

We have had a short yet busy term and have all made it to the end! We have had some concerns raised about the speed that people are travelling through our village, particularly at school drop off time and pick up time. Whilst the official sped limit is 30, it would be really appreciated if people could keep below 20. We keep all of our children safe in school and want them to be safe in the village too. Thank you.

Our school is being refurbished and we are going to spend some of our time making more improvements before the children are back after half term. We strive to make our leaning environments the best that they can be because we know that this shows everyone how much we care about the education of our children.

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Congratulations to Dr Jason Griffiths who has been awarded his PhD. We are really lucky that this expert on Authors from the Forest of Dean is working with our children. He is sharing his expertise in podcasting with them so that we can share our learning about the Impact of war on Clearwell.

Head’s Blog – 7th February

School is in the process of yet another transformation! This week we have painted a room in school house, had a new interactive board installed and now we have a year 2 classroom! It has been and continues to be a real team effort as furniture is in the process of being moved around. Oak classroom is going to have full continuous provision activities for our KS1. I will share photographs next week of the work in progress. It isn’t all going to be complete but it is functional.

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