Head’s Blog – 31st January 2020

Lots of exciting things have been happening this week at school. I have completed my renewal of my Safeguarding qualification and two more Teaching Assistants have commenced their ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) training. This means that by the end of this academic year, all of the teaching assistants will be qualified ELSAs. This shows how much, as a school, we support the mental health and well-being of our children and staff. We are hoping to convert one of the rooms upstairs into an ELSA room which will be a welcoming and safe space for children to have their ELSA sessions. If anyone would be willing and able to provide their time to help convert it, it would be much appreciated.

Young Voices was simply exceptional! The children were fabulous representatives of our school and sang their hearts out. We know it is a very long day for all involved and there is a lot of preparation and organisation that goes on leading up to taking a group of children to sing in such a huge choir. Thank you to everyone who has supported this adventure, especially Mrs Stirrup and Mrs Griffiths for preparing the children with their singing and Mrs Tarry for the huge administrative tasks that go on behind the scenes. We all had a great time!

Our security system is now in place and we are really pleased with how it has been working today. It will take a bit of adjustment for all of us but the benefits are clear already. The gates into school will be set on a timer. The top gate nearest to breakfast club will be open from 7:44 until 8:15. The main gate will open at 8:29 until 8:45 a.m. Lessons start at 8:45 so all children should be in school at this time. There are lots of minutes being lost due to lateness of children, it disrupts the whole classes’ learning. Thank you for your support in this matter. I have to also thank St. Peter’s who have part funded this work to help keep your children safe.

Miss Hale and Mrs Williams organised a film night to help raise funds for our adventures and resources. Thank you. The children are having a great evening, munching on their popcorn whilst watching Minions! Everyone is welcome to provide ideas for fund raising and indeed set up events. Miss Hale is the main point of contact in school regarding this. Fund raising has helped up to purchase a new interactive board so that year 2 can have their own classroom in school house. Watch this space to see the transformation of Oak classroom to a continuous provision area. We are so excited!

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