Head’s Blog – 20th December

We have made it to the end of a very long term. I am so grateful to the wonderful team (staff, governors and parents) at Clearwell who have worked so hard in supporting children to make progress as well as the extra things that make things just happen. Miss Hale has spent weeks organising and collecting raffle prizes which was drawn at the KS2 performance on Wednesday. The raffle, together with the mugs decorated by the children, the 100 square and refreshments raised over £1000. This is just phenomenal for a school of 47 children. We really appreciate the effort that goes into this by so many people, whatever your contribution, every little helps.  This money helps every child at our school, whether it is through subsidising transport to a visit (we have free tickets for the Three Counties Show and the Fairford air show later in the academic year) or buying an ice-cream at the theatre today. 

Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Stirrup have both worked so hard preparing the children for the Christmas 1914 production. I am so proud of all of those involved, especially as I have the luxury of seeing individuals confidence grow as they take different roles. This doesn’t happen by chance, it is the nurturing and support that they receive at home and school that makes this possible. Clearwell School is truly a special place which supports all. Every child having the chance to participate shows that we live out our vision. 

The nativity and Christingle were spectacular as always. There is something so magical about candles in St. Peter’s church. A big thank you to Mrs Baulcombe, Miss Young and their team who provide everything needed for the Christingle as well as making them for us all.  

Thank you all so much for the donations for the Forest Food Bank, there are so many people in need and us giving a bit helps out those that are.

We finished off our Christmas celebrations by attending the pantomime this morning. A great time was had by all, just before finishing the decade off with lunch provided by Mrs Thomas. Everyone is in need of a well earned rest! 

If you missed the announcement, Mrs Stirrup has asked me to let everyone know that she is expecting a baby in May. Mrs Griffiths will be covering her maternity leave; we are extremely lucky as there will be a smooth transition for the children as they know and love Mrs Griffiths and she is an outstanding teacher. 

Thank you for the kind gifts so many of you have given to staff, we really are truly grateful. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Remember children remember your presence not presents. 

See you on Tuesday 7th January 2020, we head to Coventry cathedral the first week back!

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