Head’s Blog – 29th November

Monday saw the collection of the shoe boxes many of you donated to the Teams4u charity. The boxes will be going to the poorest children in Eastern Europe. You can find out more about the charity on their website, www.teams4u.com.

Oak class have been learning about habitats in science and have made their very own bug hotels in pairs. The children were very pleased to show off their finished products!

Our bug hotels

Millie, Y6, wrote a song for us to enter in the Chris Evan’s breakfast show Christmas song and I went to upload it today and the page no longer worked. I contacted Virgin and they said that they changed the deadline to Wednesday at 10 am. Needles to say we are very disappointed and I have contacted them to see if they can play it somewhere anyway! If anyone knows anyone who can get it some airtime that would be fabulous! Here it is for us to enjoy anyway!

We celebrated the end of our 10 week block of learning a brass instrument, it was fabulous and I have posted the video on our Facebook page. The children have made so much progress. As well as learning to play with trombone, the children learn to about rhythm by reciting rhymes at different tempos. They have also been practising different pitches using their voices. We are deciding what to learn next! The purpose of these lessons is to inspire children to learn a musical instrument. There are bursaries available through Gloucestershire Make Music happen which we can apply for on your children’s behalf.

Our Celebrations