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Head’s Blog – 29th November

Monday saw the collection of the shoe boxes many of you donated to the Teams4u charity. The boxes will be going to the poorest children in Eastern Europe. You can find out more about the charity on their website,

Oak class have been learning about habitats in science and have made their very own bug hotels in pairs. The children were very pleased to show off their finished products!

Our bug hotels

Millie, Y6, wrote a song for us to enter in the Chris Evan’s breakfast show Christmas song and I went to upload it today and the page no longer worked. I contacted Virgin and they said that they changed the deadline to Wednesday at 10 am. Needles to say we are very disappointed and I have contacted them to see if they can play it somewhere anyway! If anyone knows anyone who can get it some airtime that would be fabulous! Here it is for us to enjoy anyway!

We celebrated the end of our 10 week block of learning a brass instrument, it was fabulous and I have posted the video on our Facebook page. The children have made so much progress. As well as learning to play with trombone, the children learn to about rhythm by reciting rhymes at different tempos. They have also been practising different pitches using their voices. We are deciding what to learn next! The purpose of these lessons is to inspire children to learn a musical instrument. There are bursaries available through Gloucestershire Make Music happen which we can apply for on your children’s behalf.

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 22nd November

In Worship we have been focusing on what worries us and what we can do when we have a worry. Mental health is so important for everyone so giving the children an opportunity to reflect on who they can turn to when they have a concern is important. Our “OW” box is always there for children and Mrs Williams checks it regularly and talks to the children.   Our SIAMS report comments on the high level of love and care at Clearwell, something we are very proud of.

Another aspect of our curriculum identified on the report is the fact that children are empowered to have the courage to communicate effectively. If you were present or have watched the Musical Extravaganza performed by children aged 4-11 this week, you would have seen the evidence of this. It was spectacular. I have posted the video on our Facebook page if you missed it.

Our Celebrations 

As you know, we like to celebrate staff success as well as pupils at Clearwell. Mrs Stirrup attended Cheltenham race course for her Graduation for her SENCO masters. She spent over a year completing this qualification. Congratulations!

Head’s Blog – 15th November

We will remember them

We started our week by holding a Remembrance service. A poppy wreath was lay on the cross and we used a service provided by Father David from St. Michael’s and All Angels, Mitcheldean and a recording of the Last Post. Miss Cecil read FW Harvey’s “In Flanders”;

I’m homesick for my hills again –
My hills again!
To see above the Severn plain,
Unscabbarded against the sky,
The blue high blade of Cotswold lie;
The giant clouds go royally
By jagged Malvern with a train
Of shadows. Where the land is low
Like a huge imprisoning O
I hear a heart that’s sound and high,
I hear the heart within me cry:
‘I’m homesick for my hills again –
My hills again!
Cotswold or Malvern, sun or rain!
My hills again!’ 
Frederick William (FW) Harvey

Some people from the village joined us and some builders working nearby downed tools and observed. It was a very powerful and moving event and I was extremely proud that all of her children, even the Reception children stayed silent for the 2 minutes. We never want to forget those that fought and made the greatest sacrifice so that we can live the lives we do.

Filming at Clearwell!

We have welcomed a film crew into Clearwell to record Mrs Jenkins and Myfi listening to children read. Myfi is a therapy do who comes in every week and we know how lucky we are to have this happen at Clearwell and value their time. We hope that we get to see the finished article.

We received an email from the company who had commissioned the film:

‘I wanted to thank you again for your support of Haydns project. And also to thank Kirsty Tarry and the students and team at Clearwell School for taking part in the filming. It was really lovely to meet you and to see first hand the way the children interact with Myfi and enjoy reading to her.

I saw some of the footage and it is really lovely. Looking forward to seeing the film once Haydn has done the editing. It would be great to see how my company can potentially help Therapy Dogs Nationwide.”

Children in Need

Thank you to everyone who donated to Children in Need, we raised over £50, which is a record for us. We all dressed in our pyjamas and still managed to focus on learning all day!

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 8th November

We have had a busy first week back at school with more children going to gymnastics at the Forest of Dean gymnastics centre, welly walk and learning brass to name a few activities.

On Wednesday, Mr Paul McMahon from the British Legion came to talk to Willow class about the role of the British Legion and what an important role they play in raising funds for former soldiers. His branch of the British Legion raise about £10,000 a year to support the charity, we play our small part in this with our donations for the Poppy accessories that we all purchase. Thank you. We hope that many of you will attend Remembrance services in your village or Clearwell. I shall be attending St. Michaels & All Angels with my daughter. We will have our own remembrance and lay a wreath at the cross on Monday at 11:00 which everyone is welcome to join us.

Today we have been learning cross-stitch and creating our own versions of poppies. Lots of resilience was shown as it is not easy to do and I am really proud of all of the children for doing their best. Lots of them wanted to stay in and stitch instead of going out to play!

Our Celebrations