Head’s Blog – 4th October

We had a wonderful start to the week when a number of key stage 2 children, families and staff went to watch the Merchant of Venice at the Stratford on Avon. We had a wonderful time even if we didn’t understand all of the Shakespearean language. To compensate for this, we read the child’s version in class today and the children acted out a couple of scenes each using dialogue from the production we watched. These will be posted in Seesaw.

Our children have been attending the Forest of Dean gymnastics centre every week and are making good progress. It is so exciting when someone achieves a new skill.

We were blessed with the weather again this week. The children were building dens using the bracken as well as cooperating with each other and developing a range of skills. On the way home there were a number of children upset at the sight of a dead squirrel. Mrs Griffiths took the opportunity to talk to children about their feelings and emotions. It is so important that we give children the time to express themselves.

Our vision

We took the opportunity to discuss with the children whether or not we live out our vision. We were really pleased with their responses and wanted to share them with you.

Being creative and communicating confidently

Our Celebrations