Head’s Blog – 27th September

The week started with a surprise visitor from the other side of the world. Emily Cross, now living in New Zealand, used to come to Clearwell, along with her 4 siblings. Along with her boyfriend, they had a tour around school and she was able to share her memories of her time at Clearwell. She said that she had fond memories, which is wonderful and something that we hope continues to happen with the children that we teach now. We want to inspire them to become life long learners but have lots of memorable adventures along the way.

Our topic on the Impact of War on Clearwell has been so inspiring to the children already. They are living out our vision of being creative by bringing in a vast array of independent learning. This week, we have had home-made Anzac biscuits, tanks, Anderson shelters, research about family members to name a selection. We love sharing these in Worship as it gives our children to talk in front of the whole school, again living out our vision of being able to communicate effectively.

Mrs Davies, the Bishop’s visitor, came into school on Monday too. She was welcomed into Worship and RE lessons, as well as talking to myself. She wrote us a fabulous letter, here is an excerpt.

“It was a privilege to join with the school family for worship, in which there was a high level of interaction. The hall was well prepared, the worship table, covered in a seasonal green cloth, and bearing a candle, cross and Bible, being the focus.  Children entered quietly into the hall and joined in with the singing of a reflective worship song. They joined in as one with the responses of the short liturgy (May the peace of the Lord be with you And also with you.  We light our candle in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.) A child was able to tell everyone that this is the Trinity and all seemed familiar with the statement that one candle is lit to signify God as Trinity, three in one. The easily accessible teaching was based on the parable of the yeast from St Matthew, and related to the termly value, Hope.  A loaf of bread, freshly baked by the school cook, and a pot of yeast were effectively used to demonstrate how a small amount of yeast enables bread to rise and be shared, and how likewise a small amount of hope or small act of kindness can ‘spread out’ and have a large impact on others. During a time for reflection, and while the headteacher passed round grains of yeast for children to share with those near them, all were asked to reflect on situations where they might bring kindness or hope to others.  As the yeast was shared, grains remained on the giver’s hand, demonstrating that as you share peace or kindness with others there is still enough left for yourself! The worship song ‘Shine, Jesus Shine’ was sung enthusiastically by all, and a short prayer asked that we might all spread our yeast, our hope, with others and help to make the world a better place.  As part of the ‘sending out’ children were challenged to do acts of kindness and record them on an outline of a loaf of bread, which once completed would then be added to the Spiritual Journey Book.”

We shared the bread that Mrs Thomas baked for us, it was delicious! I shared the letter with the children today but I wanted to share the excerpt above with you all. She was very complimentary about our school, especially the relationships between staff and pupils.

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