Head’s blog – 13th September

This week started with sharing our wonderful school with someone who left in 1957. Chris Harris contacted us earlier in the year to say that he was visiting England from his home in Australia. He left Clearwell Primary school in 1957, when Chris and his family emigrated. There were 4 brothers, one sister, a mum, dad and two dogs! All left on a 6 week sail to the other side of the world. This week was the first time Chris had returned to Clearwell. It was a pleasure to talk to him and his wife about our school and he was able to share his memories of his life in England. Chris bought some books for us to share. Thank you Chris.

An email received from Chris on his return to Australia.

Thank you for your valuable time you gave my wife Vicki and myself. To show and explain so much of my old school , it meant a lot to us and we have since passed on the news to my two brothers who also attended the school and my sister .It was a delight to meet you and your passion for the school and your dedication shone through. Thanking you again , with appreciation Chris Harris”

We have had a lot of other adventures this week, starting with gymnastics where children from years 3, 4 and 5 went to the Forest of Dean Gymnastics centre and were coached by Vlad and Shanie. We had a fabulous time and will be continuing to go every week until October half term. Then another group of children will attend until Christmas.

Kerry Ford has returned to teach KS2 brass. We have divided the class, with one half learning French and then they swap over.

Today has bought lots of excitement across the school. Oak class had the opportunity to visit the Secret Forest with their families invited too. They had a fabulous afternoon in the sunshine. Thank you to the local community for inviting us visit.

Whilst Oak were out and about, Willow class were learning how to cook an apple or rhubarb crumble based on a war time recipe. We used a traditional recipe, even using apples and rhubarb from our garden including wind falls. This is exactly what our predecessors will have done during war time. Here is a selection of photographs of the fun that we had.

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