Head’s Blog – 21st June

After what had felt like weeks of rain, the weather was finally kind to us on our school trip. Heading to two destinations that aren’t designed for tourists meant that we could have got very wet! However, the sun shone and we all had a fabulous time at Devil’s Chapel and Dark Hills. At Devil’s Chapel we were being inspired for our adventure stories; experiencing a Forest first hand makes writing so much easier than looking at photographs. This was something that one of our wonderful year 3 children commented on. We investigated what we saw, smelt, heard and could touch and wrote a mini resources book to use in class for setting of a Forest. I cannot wait to read the finished articles.

Willow class went down near the “Chapel” itself whilst Mrs Griffiths read F W Harvey’s world famous poem about the exact location. We were all captivated at the words as we took ourself back through time to hear how the Roman’s used slaves to mine for Iron to make their weapons.

After a pit-stop back at school we headed to Dark Hills to find out about David and Robert Mushet and how their invention of a method to produce refined iron direct from the blast furnace, without the need for a separate refinery had a huge impact on the Industrial Revolution. Mrs Griffiths read an extract from his diaries and it was interesting to hear how Mrs Mushet also worked in the famous furnace. We talked about how there is little recognition of this, only of the men, which was a sign of the times. Our girls are encouraged to speak out, be heard and be remembered!

Activities day at Dean Academy

Our Y5 children visited Dean Academy yesterday and had a wonderful day completing a range of activities which included maths, science and Design Technology. I was an extremely proud Headteacher to be told that the teacher commented on how polite our children are. Thank you 😊

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