Head’s Blog – 7th June

This week has seen the finishing touches to our new mosaic in school.  The children chose images that represent our village, namely the church, the modern well, the castle and of course children in our school uniform.  This is all part of the celebration of our Heritage Lottery Fund project researching 100 years in Clearwell.  The amazing Rachel Shilston drew up the designs and worked with the children to create the finished product.  Paul Tarry (Mrs Tarry’s husband) came and installed it over the holidays, so a big thank you to him as well.  I am sure you all agree, it looks magnificent.

Leaver’s service

As we are part of Gloucestershire Diocese as a church school, we are invited to attend a celebration for the Leavers at Gloucester cathedral.  One of our year 6 attended and she had a lovely time, the receipt of a unique cross will help her to remember that she is unique and made by God with love, just as the wooden cross has been.  We had a beautiful day for these celebrations.

We will remember them

As the country remembers the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Mrs Griffiths shared some films with Willow class. They were captivated by this, which bodes well for September when the whole school will visit the Imperial War Museum at a minimal cost and then study the impact of war on our village. Mrs Griffiths will be leading this project and we have lots of exciting things lined up already to inspire learning.

Staff development

I don’t usually celebrate the training that staff participate in but I do feel that it is important that our community know that the staff are invested in, as well as the pupils.  This week well being, sports mark and emotional support training has been attended.  I have been listening to some inspirational speakers today at the Gloucestershire Association of Headteachers conference, Sir Tim Brighouse being one of them. He really helped to remind me why I do the job that I do, namely to create a climate in school that makes a difference for each child.  There are challenges along the way and mistakes that are made, but we learn from these and become better as a result of this.  We need to ensure that all of us, adults and children, learn by our mistakes and don’t see them as being the end of something but more of a beginning of a new journey. Dr Gervase Phinn was incredible too, I am definitely going to read his books. He too spoke of the importance of nurturing a child and how there is more to life than English and maths. We all want our children to be happy and healthy, something I hope that we succeed in doing at Clearwell and where we don’t, we listen to how we can.

Our Celebrations