Head’s Blog – 24th May

Willow have been working scientifically this week to investigate whether all the bones in a person are bigger if they are taller. There was some confusion in the measuring because of the inches on the tape measure got there in the end!

Commemorating our 100 years in Clearwell

As part of our Heritage Lottery Fund Project we have researched many aspects of life and wanted to capture this on a mosaic which will be put in pride of place in the school playground for all to see. Here some of the photos that the talented Rachel Shilston has taken during her work with the children. I did get to put one piece in!

Travelling by Tuba

The children at Clearwell have been so fortunate to watch an afternoon of tuba playing by Travelling by Tuba. The Wye Valley Music Society organised the event and the children had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for funding this.

Our Celebrations