Head’s Blog – 2nd May 2019

Congratulations to our year 4 and 5 pupils who represented Clearwell at an archery tournament at Dean Academy. They behaved beautifully and showed great sportsmanship. They scored a total of 687 (the photograph doesn’t show the end result!) with an average of 53 and came 8th. Well done!

For a small we aim to work with our local community as much as possible. This week we had two PCSOs in to observe teaching and learning and seeing what tips they can pick up for when they work with children in schools. They had a fabulous day and got to experience the range of learning that Clearwell pupils always get including a cornet lesson! They were great sports.

Today, the children all learnt the importance of staying safe and speaking out. KS1 children has an assembly, then KS2 followed by a short workshop with years 5 and 6. Thank you to the NSPCC for this free, informative event. This assembly did mean that we didn’t have our normal celebrations this week but they will be back next week. I especially apologise to a year 1 and year 4 who were keen to share their trophies.