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Head’s Blog – 24th May

Willow have been working scientifically this week to investigate whether all the bones in a person are bigger if they are taller. There was some confusion in the measuring because of the inches on the tape measure got there in the end!

Commemorating our 100 years in Clearwell

As part of our Heritage Lottery Fund Project we have researched many aspects of life and wanted to capture this on a mosaic which will be put in pride of place in the school playground for all to see. Here some of the photos that the talented Rachel Shilston has taken during her work with the children. I did get to put one piece in!

Travelling by Tuba

The children at Clearwell have been so fortunate to watch an afternoon of tuba playing by Travelling by Tuba. The Wye Valley Music Society organised the event and the children had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for funding this.

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 17th May

A busy week assessing this week for our year 2 and 6 children. I am really proud of them and need them to understand that there is more to life than assessments. All of us have our talents and gifts and I hope that whatever the outcomes they are reminded they are special in their own way, that is what makes life so interesting.

Willow class had a visit from a Free Miner this week so they could learn their mining technique is different to one used 100 years ago. This is all part of our 100 years in Clearwell project. Jason Griffiths proved to be real hit with the class and they were fascinated by the information that he shared with them. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to our children about life in the mines.

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 10th May

Courage in Action #Adventureman

In Worship, at the start of the week, we looked to a modern day hero who has shown a tremendous amount of courage to help raise money for sick children. He is an inspirational individual who has raised thousands of pounds by pushing himself to the limits and having the courage to take risks. Some of his accomplishments include running across America and Canada and most recently beating the World Record for running the furthest, on a treadmill over 7 days. He ran over 517 miles!

We talked about different types of courage and when we can show it in every day life. The pupils were great at coming up with times that they have shown courage.

If you would like to know more about Jamie McDonald’s Superhero foundation then here is the link to the website.

Funding awards

We have had some really good news in relation to funding. First of all Bells Foundation awarded us £500 towards our trip to the Imperial War Museum in September. Vice Chair, Mr Keith Morgan, came and presented us with a cheque and also gave us a lesson in Forest Dialect. He has written many poems and Willow are learning one of them to recite at our annual garden party in July.

In addition to this, I applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant to undertake a research project about the Impact of War on Clearwell, similar to our current project, “100 years in Clearwell.” We found out this week that we have been successful in receiving the £8,800 grant. I am so excited about planning this project with the children.

The children have been making great use of the glockenspiels that we received funding for earlier this term. Millie, year 5, is running a club and teaching others how to use them. I cannot wait to hear their recital.

Oak class using the glockenspiels in music

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 2nd May 2019

Congratulations to our year 4 and 5 pupils who represented Clearwell at an archery tournament at Dean Academy. They behaved beautifully and showed great sportsmanship. They scored a total of 687 (the photograph doesn’t show the end result!) with an average of 53 and came 8th. Well done!

For a small we aim to work with our local community as much as possible. This week we had two PCSOs in to observe teaching and learning and seeing what tips they can pick up for when they work with children in schools. They had a fabulous day and got to experience the range of learning that Clearwell pupils always get including a cornet lesson! They were great sports.

Today, the children all learnt the importance of staying safe and speaking out. KS1 children has an assembly, then KS2 followed by a short workshop with years 5 and 6. Thank you to the NSPCC for this free, informative event. This assembly did mean that we didn’t have our normal celebrations this week but they will be back next week. I especially apologise to a year 1 and year 4 who were keen to share their trophies.