Head’s Blog – 26th April

A short but a busy week for all of us at Clearwell. The Heritage Lottery Fund grant money paid for all of us to visit Hopewell Colliery, investigate the artefacts and have a guided tour. We were really lucky that Verderer Rich Daniels MBE and Freeminer shared his experiences of mining with the children. We also talked about the importance of preserving the Forest in public ownership and it not being sold off to private businesses.

Then we went onto Beechenhurst which was a bit wetter than we had anticipated but it didn’t stop us having a fabulous time. We sheltered under trees to eat our lunch then headed off on the Zog Trail. We also had time to build dens and explore our fabulous forest, hopefully making the children appreciate our beautiful surroundings and that we can access them for free. We are grateful to Rich Daniels and the other members of HOOF who campaigned for this over the years. We hope that our children are a generation who continue to prevent the sell-off happening in the future. Our heritage is important for future generations.

As we know, Brass bands have been and still are part and parcel of mining communities. This is why we are offering all of Willow class the chance to learn to play the cornet. Mrs Ford had a great first lesson with the children and I for one am looking forward to their recital at our garden party on 12th July.

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