Head’s Blog – 15th March

Music Award

I applied to Gloucestershire County Council for a music grant to enhance our provision, in particular Glockenspiels. We wanted to run a club and use the percussion as part of music lessons. We were fortunate to be awarded £1,000 and friends have given us an additional £500. We have been able to buy 30 Glockenspiels, an alto xylophone, a soprano xylophone, a bass xylophone and an African drum . We are all very excited about using them!

Comic Relief

Thank you to everyone who donated to Comic Relief, the children had their noses painted instead of selling plastic noses. We are conscious that we need to reduce plastic waste and this was one way of doing this. Next we need to tackle the plastic milk bottle wastage. We took time in Worship and class to reflect on what our £1s actually do to support people around the world and Willow watched a short video about a refugee. We talked about what it might be like to have to flee our homes with nothing so that we could stay safe.

Second Hand Uniform

Friends have been coming into school to collect and clean the school uniform that we have in the cupboard. It is being bundled up and sold on FB. We are very grateful for this as the monies go into school funds

Our Celebrations

Lent Activities

As part of our Lent celebrations this week we have been focusing on what does it mean to pray and how we pray. We have established that praying can take take place at any time and by numerous means, including singing, dancing and being creative. We also thought about how important it is to be able to say Thank you, Sorry and Please (TSP) and have all decorated teaspoons to hold with us to remind us of this