Head’s Blog – 1st March 2019

Over the half term break we had more play equipment installed for the children to enjoy. This again is something that the children had requested. There are so many things to do at Clearwell during break times!

Adding to our play equipment, we have been very fortunate to have been bought a full size table tennis by Forge Motor Sports Ltd. They even delivered it to my house ready to bring to school! Thank you Pete and Zac. 


As you may remember we reviewed our curriculum in May last year. As part of this process we decided that we needed a ‘tag line’ that summed up our school. Governors and staff came up with:

“A small school providing endless adventures.”

This will not only appear on our headed notepaper and website but it is something that we truly believe in and forms the basis of our curriculum.


This week we said goodbye to Miss Parsley, who in the short time she has been at Clearwell has made a big impression. Unfortunately for us she is relocating to London so she had to admit defeat because the commute is a bit too much. We wish her well and thank her for everything that she has done for the pupils in Oak class.

We have been extremely lucky to recruit a someone to work in Oak class starting on Monday. Natalie Warr will join our team and we are confident that she will fit in and compliment our skills perfectly. 

We will be advertising for another TA to work 1:1 with a pupil so keep your eyes peeled on our website. 

100 years in Clearwell

Willow class have been demonstrating their historical inquiry skills this week. They composed questions to ask a local resident about their life so that they can write a biography about them. Unfortunately our first speaker was taken ill but fortunately Mr Clive Elsmore, local councillor and Pops of two of our pupils, stepped in. He was fabulous and gave us lots of information about life in the Forest over the years. Thank you so much for stepping in with about 30 minutes notice

This afternoon Willow class went for a walk led by Mrs Griffiths around Clearwell to look at the listed buildings. It was intriguing to see what is listed. In addition to what is listed in Clearwell, I learnt that there are over 200 pigsties listed! Here is a selection of some of our listed buildings.  This was one of many walks around our beautiful village. See how many you can find around Clearwell.

Our Celebrations