Head’s Blog – 18th January

We welcomed Mrs Kirsty Tarry to Clearwell this week and she has made a fabulous start to her life as a school administrator. She has shown great initiative and Mrs Frith was kind enough to come back to share some of her knowledge and wisdom.  We are so lucky to have or have had great staff that care about our school.  

First thing Monday morning before even the children had come into school we had an unannounced visitor from Caterlink’s auditors. As we would expect Mrs Thomas excelled, achieving a score of 98.4%.

The new children who started at the end of last term and the beginning of this term have settled in well with the rest of the pupils making them feel welcomed.  I am very proud that OFSTED made reference to the inclusive nature of our school.  They cite one pupil who described the school’s inclusive approach by saying, ‘You will fit in here, no matter what.’  What a fabulous way for our school to be perceived.

Mrs Griffiths has made a good start with Willow class on our ‘100 years in Clearwell’. The children have written their own independent learning tasks (which have been sent home).

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