Head’s Blog – 23rd November

Once again you have been extremely generous with your donations for our Christmas Fayre which has been fully organised by Friends.  These will form hampers and other prizes for the squash or alcohol stall.



As part of our on-going CPD, I have attended a training session which makes us aware of current issues within education.  One area that awareness is being raised about is that of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their impact on later life.  It was so powerful I wanted to share the link with people to watch.  The basic message is that we all have a responsibility to support children and a little bit of TLC can make a huge amount of difference.




Shadow puppets – preparing for Coleford Christmas Festival (1st December 2018)

Greek inspired homework

Our Celebrations

Mrs Thomas was so excited this week when Environmental Health visited and awarded us with a 5 star hygiene rating.  It is something that she has been waiting for for years but it couldn’t be achieved until the kitchen has been refurbished. Now that is in place, Mrs Thomas was able to demonstrate that all of her paperwork was perfect too.