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Head’s Blog – 19th October 2018

Thank you all so much for your generosity today. This morning I had the difficult task of judging the pumpkin carving competition. They were all spectacular which made the decision really difficult, so difficult I involved Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Frith. This event raised £65, so thank you Friends for organising it and providing the prizes. Don’t forget there is a Dressing up disco on Friday 2nd Disco organised by Friends.

If you would like to see more pumpkins then go to the festival at The Dean Heritage Centre.

Then your generosity just overwhelmed me with donations for the Harvest Festival, where all of the food goes to the Coleford Food Bank. We know that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to feed their family in our community and I know that our gifts will be well received.


Bat Nav at Clearwell Caves

We were invited to participate in the new audio installation at Clearwell Caves. We got to learn about our heritage with the miners, the geology of the mines as well as how bats hear and navigate around their habitat.  We had a lovely time and have already started to use the caves as inspiration for our writing.  Foresters Forest supported the installation with their Heritage Lottery Fund.

More Greek inspired independent learning

Staff News

I am really sorry to announce that Mrs Lawrence will be leaving Clearwell Primary  at Christmas. She has worked, and continues to work, with enthusiasm and an enviable knowledge of our school and families. We will celebrate her time at Clearwell in December.

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 12th October 2018

We have an even happier cook this week! Mrs Thomas has had a brand new induction cooker installed. We are the only school in the county to have one. To make sure that we keep our lovely school cooked lunches we need as many people to have hot lunches as possible. We will be having a taster day but if you would like to come and see what the children get to eat, you are welcome any day. This is because everyday they receive a high quality meal.


Wellie Walk

I had the privilege to go in Wellie Walk this week, here is a selection in photos taken. We were surprised that the pond on the mesne was completely dry, we are stood in it!  Mrs Lawrence and I did go in first to check it was stable ground.


Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 5th October

After the delivery of our sheep from Gloucestershire Diocese we have had a sheep kind of afternoon today.  Lots of activities related to sheep including poetry.  Poppy has been writing a diary, from our guest’s point of view, which will be taken to all of the other church schools as the sheep continues its journey around ‘Forest South’.

More Greek inspired independent learning

Our Celebrations

We had the best attendance ever at school last week, two houses had 100% and one had 99%.  Thank you to parents for this, good attendance makes all the difference.

Stars and top Table to follow