Head’s Blog – 29th June 2018

Who can believe that we have had such beautiful weather this week?!  Being in a Victorian school building at this time of year is certainly beneficial, we have been lovely and cool! With only a few weeks until the end of the school year, we have been busy preparing everything for the end of the year as well as putting plans in place for September.  Key events over the next few weeks include:


10th July – Sports Day

13th July – Garden Party

20th July – School Disco

25th July – Leavers’ service and last day of term (finish school at 1:00 pm.)

Goodbye Miss Cahill

This week we said goodbye to our trainee, Miss Cahill. In the short time that she has been at Clearwell, she has made a significant positive contribution.  We would like to thank her and wish her well as she starts her career in education with a class of her own.  We are all confident that she will be an excellent practitioner with a bright future ahead of her.

New Curriculum

If you read my blog regularly you will know that we have created a new vision for our wonderful village primary school. As part of our new curriculum, we will have an immersion task at the start of each topic.  We can’t stretch to a trip to Athens, so our first trip is to the British Museum to see Greek Artefacts.  The whole School will go and it is only £7.50 per child.  We are very lucky that Friends have donated £400 towards the cost of the transport to make it more affordable for all.  Thank you. We are all very excited about this!

 Learning about noise pollution

Willow have been learning about sound with Miss Harris and today they created posters to inform others about noise pollution.  The children were all being Createachauns again!  Miss Harris has left me with the task to select those that go on our WAGOLL wall and Brooke has instructed that I do not look at who did what!

Our Celebrations