Head’s Blog – 2nd February 2018

Staying safe online

PSCO Thompson spoke to Willow class to stay safe online. She questioned them as to how they use the Internet and what devices we can use to get online. She compared walking and talking to a stranger in the park with social media. The children then had a chance to share their experiences of the internet. PCSO Thompson shared a story about over sharing information on social media including things like your home address and when you are on holiday. The children were asked to make sure that their privacy and location settings are set to private especially after updates have taken place.

We watched a video and the children had an opportunity to spot where information is being shared. The REPORT button was shown to the children and they were told how to use it as well as the importance of telling an adult that they trusted they feel uncomfortable about someone trying to contact them online.

Finally, we got to see the rural police vehicle and PCSO Thompson explained what the different controls did. The children were all very excited when the lights and sirens were activated.


What a good one looks like!

We have been sharing some of the independent creative homework that Willow have been doing about our theme, Crime and Punishment. We are hoping that this will inspire other children to produce such high quality work.  There other pieces of work to add to our wall! I am also sharing Mrs Lawrence’s display, can you spot the literary reference?

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