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Head’s Blog – 26th January

Too many bugs around this week, in more ways than one! I hope that the weekend gives everyone a chance to recover.  We only have two weeks until the half-term break so it is full throttle in school to help children make a much progress as possible in this short term.  The new book scheme books are going down well so I am pleased to advise you that we have ordered more books that will largely cater for for years 4-6.  After half-term we will be unveiling our new display in the corridor where we will share our reading for pleasure books.  So exciting!


Social Enterprise

Thank you to everyone who supported the cake sale in support of Gloucestershire Young Carers. I believe that over £80 was raised which is amazing for such a small school.  Word is getting around about how good we are, numerous enquiries have been coming into school about possible new children! Thank you for being so supportive.  You should all have received a copy of the parental survey results, please ask if you would like to complete a survey or if you did not receive the results.

The cake sale tribe

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Head’s blog – 19th January

This week has seen the arrival of a number of new resources in School.  We have invested in a new reading scheme for KS1 and hopefully (after examining budgets!) I can invest in the books for KS2.  It means that over coming weeks all children will be re-assessed using the new scheme and may well receive what appears a different level book.  Please be assured that they will be on the right level for their ability.  The activities in the front and back of the books are excellent for parents to use to really help your children to develop their comprehension as well as their ability to read the text.  It is this comprehension that is key to success in education.


We also have used Sports Premium funding (this is ring fenced) to buy gymnastics and archery equipment.  As a small school it can be difficult to get a team together to take part in the team events so we are hoping that either this year or next we can enter some county sporting events.


Young Carers Gloucestershire

One of our parents is doing the Newport Marathon to raise money for Young Carers Gloucestershire.  This is a fabulous organisation that have supported many children over the years, many of which I have taught and do teach.  In order to support this charity there will be cake sale on Thursday after school with all proceeds going to Young Carers.  If anyone would like to bake or buy cakes for this sale they would be gratefully received.  Thank you.


Most Housepoints – Joce: 116

Attendance – Dunraven: 100%


Head’s Blog – 12th January 2018

Happy New Year!

Wow, what a first week back to school we have had.  Eleven children represented our school at the National Event of Young Voices and sang their little hearts out.  I have heard lots of amazing feedback from pupils, parents and staff and as Head of Clearwell I am extremely proud of them for taking part in this incredible event.  A huge thank you to Miss Brint and Mrs Hopkins who not only took the children but prepared them so well.  I would like to also thank parents as I know that it is not a cheap event for your children to participate in, especially so close to Christmas but I hope that you and your children enjoyed it.

Wellie Walk

Years Reception to Year 4 have been taking part in our weekly Wellie Walk which I believe is outdoor learning at its best.  The children not only get to walk and exercise through the surrounding areas of our beautiful area, they cooperate and support each other, learn about nature and also use their literacy skills.  This week all of the children built dens and used it to re-tell the story of The Three Little Pigs,  as Oak Class are learning about Traditional Tales.

Science in Action

Today, Willow class had the opportunity to learn about rivers, water filtration and pollution.  Meisha Pederson from the Wye-Usk Foundation came in to work with the class. They played definition Bingo, filtered water, measured the pH of water with and without orchid food, amongst other activities.  They have a wonderful practical afternoon.

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