Head’s Blog – 8th December

After the wonderful financial news shared with you all last week, I am sure that you are all aware of our success at the Coleford Light Switch on. We could not believe it when Roger Drury announced Clearwell School as the winners for the best lanterns, especially when there were some amazing large lanterns created by other schools.  Thank you to everyone who brought their children to the event, a number of people commented how many people were representing our school.  The children had a wonderful time and were so proud and excited to appear on the stage and receive the cup, which has pride of place in our corridor as you enter school.


Music Celebrations

Mark Bick has been working with a number of our children teaching them a range of musical instruments.  Here is a QRcode which you can read with a QR reader and watch the music show if you missed it or want to watch it again.  There were lots of smiles and rounds of applause, we were all very proud of their achievements.

The children in Oak Class have been busy recently and have created their own representations of the Christmas Story.  These can be seen in St. Peter’s Church in first window on the right.  They will still be there when it is our Christingle and Carol Service.

Today brought a lot of excitement today!  Every time the snow came tumbling out of the sky there were wails of “It’s snowing!”.  All of the children had a magical time, for some it is the first time they could remember snow falling out of the sky onto them.

Our Celebrations