Head’s Blog – 24th November


We were fortunate enough to have the artists back in again today to complete our lanterns.  They are spectacular and I am looking forward to parading with Coleford with the children and their families.  More details about this will follow next week when I have received them.

Willow Class – Science

We have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes this afternoon.  I apologise in advance if your children want to mix bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create a gas!

We also poured 1 tbsp of vinegar into 250 ml of warm milk and heated it further.  As a result of this we made casein plastic; it was quite amazing!

Thank you

A huge thank you for your chocolate donations today for our Christmas Bazaar next week.  They will be used to make 3 hampers which will be raffled for £1 a ticket next week.


Our Celebrations

We are really pleased that virtually all children were in school 100% of the time last week.  Today we spoke about the importance of being punctual.  I pointed out that 15 minutes late a day equates to over a week and a half of learning over the year.  Children have been encouraged to get up earlier so that they are ready to leave for school and arrive at 8:40 so that they can come in and start learning at 8:45.  We welcome your support on this matter.