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Head’s Blog – 24th November


We were fortunate enough to have the artists back in again today to complete our lanterns.  They are spectacular and I am looking forward to parading with Coleford with the children and their families.  More details about this will follow next week when I have received them.

Willow Class – Science

We have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes this afternoon.  I apologise in advance if your children want to mix bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create a gas!

We also poured 1 tbsp of vinegar into 250 ml of warm milk and heated it further.  As a result of this we made casein plastic; it was quite amazing!

Thank you

A huge thank you for your chocolate donations today for our Christmas Bazaar next week.  They will be used to make 3 hampers which will be raffled for £1 a ticket next week.


Our Celebrations

We are really pleased that virtually all children were in school 100% of the time last week.  Today we spoke about the importance of being punctual.  I pointed out that 15 minutes late a day equates to over a week and a half of learning over the year.  Children have been encouraged to get up earlier so that they are ready to leave for school and arrive at 8:40 so that they can come in and start learning at 8:45.  We welcome your support on this matter.

Head’s Blog – 17th November

The children have all had an action packed week.  Both KS1 and KS2 got to visit the Cinema as part of a National scheme to encourage children to watch film.  Miss Cecil organised for KS1 to watch Captain Underpants and KS2 to watch the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  School Staff organised for them to have popcorn too!  The children had a wonderful time.

Today we have not only been spotty but we have raised lots of money for Children in Need.  I could not believe how generous parents were in contributing to the cake sale and I cannot wait to eat some of it! Thank you everyone, it bodes well for our Christmas Bazaar on Friday 1st December.


This afternoon we have had two Artists, Rebecca and Bella,  visiting us to help us make lanterns for the Coleford Lantern Parade.  This takes place on Saturday 2nd December at 5:00 p.m.  We are hoping that as many families can attend as possible with the lanterns that have been made. So many skills have been learnt whilst making the lanterns.  See some of the work in progress below.

Democracy in Action

Mrs Hopkins organised a secret ballot for our school council.  It was impressive how many children wanted to have a leadership role in our school.  The children did speeches to express why they should be voted for, then every person followed the same procedure an adult does in an election.

The votes were counted and the results were very close.   Our spotty school council is below:

Our Celebrations

Head’s Blog – 10th November

We have had an extremely busy and exciting week, which I am sure you have heard all about! Both Oak and Willow classes have had Brand new BENQ 4K touch screens installed. The children and staff are thrilled with them and have been put them to use straightaway. One member of staff was heard to squeal the first time she used it! We know that learning will become even more interactive and the iPads that we have will be used more as we will be able to share presentations and work straight into the board at a swipe. What a fabulous way to share What A Good One Looks Like (WAGOLL)!

Items for sale!

As a result of the touch board installation we have 2 projectors that we are selling at £120 each which could be used for the home cinema experience. We also have two, used, long armed brackets (price to be decided) and two (brand new in box) Vision Flat Panel Wall Mount for up to 80″ Displays (Max Weight: 130kg) for £30 each. Please contact me on if you are interested. All monies will go into school fund to buy more equipment for your children.


Lest we Forget

Today, we went to the Memorial hall and had a beautiful remembrance service led by Rev. Wearmouth. We were all reminded that war has an impact on lots of people from all cultures, not just soldiers and that there are people suffering from this today.

Bethan read “In Flanders field” and Brooke lay a wreath in memory of the fallen soldiers. The Last Post was played and children were able to respect the 2 minute silence.


You should all have received letters relating to the key dates for this term and a reverse advent letter which identifies the date that your child has been asked to bring in an item for the Forest Food bank. Next week, you will receive a book of 5 raffle tickets to sell for our Christmas Fayre at £1 per ticket – lots of extras are available. Kat Nelson-Brown and the Friends of Clearwell school have got a huge amount of prizes, some of which are listed below:

  • Puzzlewood family ticket
  • Dean Heritage Centre family ticket
  • Krazy Golf family ticket
  • Perrygrove family ticket
  • Perrygrove family ticket for Cider, Sausage and Steam event
  • Go Ape voucher
  • £10 Moot voucher
  • Hunky Dory cafe voucher for two
  • Tudor Farmhouse champagne cream tea for two
  • Sunday carvery at Forest hills golf club
  • The Miners voucher
  • Girls writing set
  • Girls princess pen set
  • Smellie
  • Perfume

There are a large amount of stalls too; it is going to be a good one!

Friends are meeting at 2:15 on Thursday 16th November. If you would like to come along and get involved – old and new members welcome.


The winner of the house points sash went to Dunraven for the second week running. Come on Joce and Wyndham, see if you can get more house points than them next week!

Separating Material

Willow have been predicting how we can separate different materials that have been muddled up.  The methods available were:

  • Filtration
  • Sieving
  • Evaporation
  • Magnetic attraction

Head’s blog – 3rd November

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday. It was good to see all of the children back at school and in our Worship introducing our new value of Peace, their behaviour was impeccable. I hope that you have seen the values sheet that the children have brought home to give you ideas of activities relating to Peace.


Unless you have heard otherwise, all children who have requested an after school club have a place.  All places are dependent on appropriate behaviour in the club, especially as we are fortunate enough to have volunteers taking recorders and craft club.


Mrs Frith is in the process of creating a list of dates for this term as there is so much going on, they will appear on the Our Schools App too.  There are a couple of non-uniform days which will be in exchange for tombola items one week and chocolate the second week.  This is in preparation the Christmas Fayre.

Calendar changes

Unfortunately we need to alter the timings of clubs on Wednesday night for one week only: choir will take place one lunch time and Construction club will be Thursday night. Apologies for this but Miss Brint and myself are out for the afternoon.


Please note that the time for the Christmas Fayre has been put back an hour, so it is now 3:00 – 5:00, at school.  This is to enable more parents to attend after work.


Our Celebrations

We now have a House point teddy which wears a sash of the winning house for the week.  This week the winning house was Dunraven.


We will be continuing our push on improving attendance in school and from next week a cup will be awarded to the house with the highest attendance. Watch this space.